Services & Tours

Here are just some of the services we can provide (book on 01951 200320):

  • FERN APPRECIATION WALKS -  indulge yourself in 2021.  We offer a choice of walks, 90 minutes, 2 hours or 3 hours, with a chance to brush up on your recognition skills and to enjoy a special aspect of Colonsay House Woodland Gardens. The longer walk includes a chance to visit an important Site of Special Scientific Interest, the magnificent ancient woodland of A' Choille Mhor. Even if you select a less ambitious walk, there are at least 33 known species of pteridophyte in Colonsay and we would hope to admire a dozen or so. Cost £10, £12.50 or £15 per person Full details
  • FINDING YOUR FEET - we offer a guided tour of the island using your own car, taking about 90 -120 minutes.  It will help to orientate you, includes details of all periods of history and draws attention to important aspects of Natural History and Geology. Cost is £50 per party.
  • BALNAHARD, 2021.  This is a fairly energetic walking tour which encompasses the coastline of the north end of Colonsay. Fascinating archaeology, wonderful scenery, wild and unspoilt terrain.  Suitable footwear essential, bring chocolate and water plus a picnic - cost is £60.00 per party.
  • FAMILY HISTORY - if you can identify ancestors in Colonsay we may be able to help you see where they lived.  We have transcribed all gravestones and census records and can often help - see next section.
  • SPECIAL TOURS - we can often make special arrangements to meet your particular requirements, either on foot or by use of your own vehicle.  Cost is £25.00 per hour.
  • For all of the above services, it is best to book ahead and to re-confirm close to the actual date - please see our Contact Page (Tel. 01951 200320)

Please get in touch with us for more details.... see Contact Us page

N.B. We fully comply with Covid-19 regulations and these tours will only be available when conditions permit.

See  for accommodation details and availability, or visit to get more detailed information about our tours and other aspects of Colonsay itself.